Are There Benefits of Using the Auto Play Feature?

auto playThe only major benefit you will have of choosing to use the auto play option attached to any online slot game is that you are not ever going to have to sit there repeatedly clicking on the spin button to send the slot game reels spinning.

However, what we have found a lot of slot players tend to so id to use the auto play feature to allow them to carefully keep track of nay play through requirements they are trying to achieve when they are playing g off bonus credits.

By using the auto play you will be able to send a certain number of base game spins into live play and for stake levels of your own choosing and as such by using auto play you can then set the required number of spins to help you achieve any play through requirement you have to achieve before you can turn your bonus credits into real money credits.

Not every single casino site will allow you to use auto play when you have bonus credits in your account so always check the bonus rules before you start using the auto play option just to be sure you are allowed to!

One thing that you may discover when you are playing about with the auto play setting is that some casinos will only let you set a limited number of slot spins into live play using the auto play feature, and the reason for that is often licensing restrictions imposed on those sites by their licensing authority.

It is certainly the case that if you are a UK based slot player playing at UK Gambling Commission licensed sites you are only every going to be able to play of 25 spins at a time via the auto play setting, so do keep that in mind!

You can of course sample out a range of slot games online without having to risk any of your own money doing so, for all bingo and casino sites will happily let you play any of their slots in a demo mode, which is what many first time players tend to do.

Whether you choose to play slots for free or for real money one of the best ones you can play which does of course come with an auto play features is the Double Bubble slot which a large number of casino and bingo sites now have on offer, so do look out for that must play slot game!

Make sure that when you first start playing slot games online you keep our options open and try out many different slot games from different sites. For by doing so you will bound to find some slots which you enjoy playing the most.

With that in mind make sure one of the first sites you choose to play at is any bingo site with the Gamesys bingo platform on offer, for their slot games come with lots of configurable settings and you will also find the auto play option on them too!

Best Ways to Configure Online Video Slots

Every slot player is going to like playing slot games in their own unique way and one of the major benefits of you choosing to play slot games online is that there will always be a large range of different option settings you can make use of to allow you to tailor your own unique slot playing sessions

The first thing you should do when you have launched any slot game is to configure the size of the slot game window, ideally of the ultimate slot playing experience you should play with the slot window on full screen size mode.

You will then have to play around with the volume and audio settings so if you like hearing slot sounds either in the back ground on as the slot is playing then configure the sound effects accordingly.

Another thing that you are always going to be bale to do with online slot is alter the speed at which the reels will spin and then stop, you can slow the reel spin speed down or speed it up dependent just how you like your slot games to play, that is a handy feature if you want long slot playing sessions!

One thing to keep in mind when you are playing slot games online is that a lot of the brand new slot games come with very high definition graphics, and if you happen to be playing those slots on an older computer you may not be able to play them until you have lowered the quality of graphics the slot has on offer.

With that fact at the forefront of your mind do make sure that you check on the option settings to see how you can configure the slots if you are playing on an older type computer!

Make sure that if you do decide to play slot games online that you not only configure them in a way that you like to play them but you only ever stick to playing slots which come with high payout percentages.

If you want a slot that has been designed with an above average payout percentage, which let’s face it every slot player does, then make your way over to a site offering you the Double Bubble slot which has a certified payout percentage of 96.02%!

One mistake a large number of slot players will make when they first make the decision to play slot machines and slot games online is to think that it is only going to be online casino sites that will offer them the best range of configurable slot games!

With that in mind allow us to introduce you to the Gamesys bingo platform, that gaming platform is an instant play one which powers dozens of different bingo sites and in addition to nonstop bingo games you will also find an enormous range of highly playable slot games with lots of configurable option settings on offer too!